See the Danish edition too:  Seneste nyt




FRIHEDENS PRINSESSE PHREGNE - Sally - won her 12th championtitle this year and she was TOP BITCH 2013 as well.
(Multich Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy x Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty).
Congratulations to owners Erik W. Olsen and Erik C. Larsen!  So well done.
Sally's pedigree name is now:
Furthermore she is top bitch twice and has a life long qualification to Crufts.


S-litter, born at 16th of April 2013

MULTICH Udarny Blues S Nevskih Ostrovov x DKCH Frihedens Regina Royale

See more under PUPPIES


Three Top Bitches


Multich Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne - TOP 2.
(Multich. Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy x Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)
Owners: Erik W. Olsen (photo) and Erik C. Larsen. In spite of only half a show season Sally achieved this fine result.  In the spring Sally had to take care of her puppies.


Frihedens Regina Royale TOP 3.
(SCH Spotborne Heaven Can Wait x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas).
Owners: J. Mauritzen, Michael Lassen and Lis Andersen (photo).
In 2011 Sandy won 2 x CAC, res. CAC and even a swedish res.CAC.
HD-status A.

  Frihedens Romanza Royale - TOP 4.
(SCH Spotborne Heaven Can x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas).
Owners Lasse and Anne Cathrine Faarb�k (photo).
In 2011 Zulu won 3 x CAC and res. CAC.
HD-status A.

Frihedens Royal Ravindra

Frihedens Royal Ravindra - Kato (SCH Spotborne Heaven Can Wait x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas) DK 06821/2010.  19 months old at photoHas a good length of body, which does not quite show at the photo.
PEDIGREE: See under: "Dogs"
BAER: +/+
Mentaltest: very good nerves and very outgoing.
HD-status:  B.
Owners: Kirsten og Lars Ottow, Vind, Holstebro.


Frihedens Royal Ravindra.  Charming boy with very dark eyes!



Multich Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne

Congratulations to Sally, Erik and Erik, and thank you for representing Kennel Friheden so well!
Kennel Tre Falke, which is the name of the Eriks kennel, is planning puppies in spring 2011More information on our homepage under: Puppies and on kennel Tre Falkes homepage
Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne
(CH Bell-A-Mir's Elegant Envoy x Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)
Owners:  Erik W. Olsen and Erik C. Larsen, Frederiksberg
Breeder.:  Jens and Jette Mauritzen

Herning Shows 6. and 7. Nov. 2010


Frihedens Regina Royale - Sandy - (SECH Spotborne Heaven Can Wait x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas).  Owners:  J. Mauritzen, Lis Andersen and Michael Lassen.   BOB-puppy Saturday.  SL2-puppy Sunday.   Frihedens Romanza Royale - Zulu - (SECH Spotborne Heaven Can Wait x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas).  Owners: Anne Cathrine K. Thomsen and Lasse Faarb�k.   BOS-puppy Sunday and SL2-puppy Saturday.


Sunday:  BOB-puppy Frihedens Royal Ravindra and BOS-puppy Frihedens Romanza Royale   Frihedens Royal Ravindra - Kato - (SECH Spotborne Heaven Can Wait x DKCH Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas).  Owners:  Kirsten and Lars Ottow.  BOS-puppy Saturday.  BOB-puppy Sunday.




European Winner 2010

DKCH, SCH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne

The show team just arrived from a succesful weekend in Dortmund:  Erik C. Larsen, cups, rosettes, dog food, EUW-10 Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne (Sally) and Erik W. Olsen. BOB and Europe Winner, DKCH, SCH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne and Erik W. Olsen, Judge Jan Coppens from Holland, BOS Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter and Michael Lehmann, kennel Christi Ormond.




DKCH, SCH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne - Sally.

30th of January 2010



Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne - Sally - and Erik W. Olsen did very well again!  Sally won Group 6 and got her 3. Cacib i 2 countries.  Now she can only wait until May, where she can try to win her fourth cacib to become international champion.



See the Danish edition too:  Seneste nyt


Video from our visit at Kennel Minalli


BOG 2, 2 x BOB, CACIB, 2 x VDH-CAC, 2 x CAC

DKCH, SCH Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne - Sallys great success

14th and 15th of November in Friedrichshafen, Germany


Congratulations, Congratulations!

After great successes in Denmark and Sweden Sally and her owners, Erik W. Olsen and Erik C. Larsen, went to Germany to try to win a CACIB.


On day one judge Andrea Mix gave her a CACIB, 2 CAC's and BOB.  Later that day Sally won BOG2.  See the picture left.


On day two Sally won BOB and 2xCAC under judge Josef Fertig.


Well done, Erik and Sally!


Two Danish CHAMPIONS in 3 weeks!

Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne

Sally became a Danish Champion 5th of September 2009 in Silkeborg.

Congratulations to Sallys owners, Erik W. Olsen og Erik C.Larsen, - and a special thank you to Erik W. who has trained and showed Sally so well.

Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas

Freja became a Danish Champion 16th of August 2009 in Mosede.

Congratulation to co-owners, Charlotte Larsen og Thomas Boldsen, - and a special thank you for your patience with Frejas happy behaviour.



Show in Mosede 16. August 2009







Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas,

New Danish Champion

J. Mauritzen, Thomas Boldsen, Charlotte Larsen


Best Bitch 2

Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne

Erik W. Olsen, Erik C. Larsen


Another show with fine results

CAC and res. CACIB to Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne!


At the international show i lborg Sally - Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne - managed to win her second CAC in only a fortnight! - And she even got the res. CACIB, which probably can be changed to a real CACIB.

Sally was running fantastic with long, long steps and a strong and completely level topline, - even if it does not quite show at the photo.

Well done, Sally and Erik, who probably had the hardest time scedule, which in short terms was including a half-marathon (only Erik) Saturday, show on Sunday, back to Copenhagen and start at work at 23 o'clock Sunday evening!  

Freja - Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas - was in lborg too. She gained EX2 after Sally;  but that was OK, keeping it in the family.  By the way Freja got a BTK4 too.

Jens said that Freja was running OK, but after some rounds in the ring I needed an oxygen machine at the ring side.  In other words:  My condi was miserable.  But now is the third show in a row without jumping and that is a big thing.




A fantastic weekend in Hedensted and Vejle, 18. and 19.04.2009


BIG 2 and 2 x BOB


Frihedens Prinsesse Phregne (Sally) - BOB and BIG 2!      Judge:  Rajko Rotner, Slovenia

Owners: Erik W. Olsen and Erik C. Larsen.

At the national show in Hedensted Sally became BOB after running many, many rounds in the ring.  Sally also got her first CAC.  But she didn't stop here, as she also won BIG 2, which almost never happens in Denmark for Dalmatians.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sally and her family!


Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas (Freja) - BOB!    Judge:  Chris Pickup, England

Owners: J. and J. Mauritzen, Thomas Boldsen and Charlotte Larsen.

The next day the Danish Dalmatian Club arranged a show in Vejle.  Sally and Freja were both shown that day, and now it was Frejas turn to win BOB!

By the way, Sally was second in the class.

Now Sally and Freja are number 2 and 3 at the Top Ten list.

CONGRATULATIONS to Freja and her family!  Freja now has 2 CACs.



Frihedens Onslow

Topi og Tarja from Finland have sent us this photo of Onslow, Chili's son from 2000.

Onslow has only been shown when he was very young; but at the age of 7 he

participated in the Helsinki Winner Show.

He was in the open class even if he could have been i the veterans class.

In a very large class with some of Scandinavia's best dogs he was 4th with Excellent. af de The judge, Espen Engh, wrote as follows:

Strong masculine dog, very useful for his seven years of age.  Very pleasing

masculine head, excellent expression, very good neck and shoulder, enough

forechest.  Pleasing body shape, would prefer a little more length.  Moderate but

balanced shorters. good coat. rather big spots. 

Moves very well from side and behind, a little loose on the front.

Frihedens Onslow - Onslow

(CH Jilloc's A Man In The Mirror x Timanka's Danish Delight)



Puppies  Spring 2007

See more photos and informations about our P-litter in: Puppies.


Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas
 Freja.  Owners: J. Mauritzen, T. Boldsen og C. Larsen, Jebjerg  3 months old


Frihedens Prins Pallis

Samson. Owners:  Michael, Emil og  Lis Andersen, Spentrup 12 weeks old



2006 Show results for Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty
  Stribe is no.7 of the Top-Ten Show winning list 2006.  She ended the show season as best danish bitch in a large open class in Herning.
05.11.06 Herning A. Ulltveit-Moe, S 1. pr., 3. w., CK
17.09.06 Ballerup Claire E. Coxall, England 1. pr. 4.w.
16.09.06 Karlslunde Jelena Kruus, Estonia 1. pr., 2.w., CK
03.09.06 Silkeborg Aase Jakobsen, Norway 1. pr., 4.w., CK



Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, D 

2. pr. 



Erling Kjr Petersen, DK 

1. pr., 1.w., CK, CAC., BB3 



Helge Werner Hagen, Norway 

1. pr., 5. w., Club show 



Joan Curtis, England, 1.w CK, BB3



Tony Moren, Ireland, 2.w. CK, BB4



2005 2.11.2005.    Stribe is no. 7 at Top -Ten of the Year
  10.11.2005.  Stribe is HD-photoed: status A.
 5.06.2005.   Stribe is mentaltested

 april 2005.   Stribe is 3rd best bitch in Slangerup. 

                      Judge Kresten Scheel.

Best Puppy in Herning 2004

Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty

(Our Stribe)

Femine head with good expression, well carried ears, beautyful lines, beatyful neck,  good mover, correct breast.

SL. Best Puppy. Between no 4 and 9 of all breeds that day.


Judge Bo Skalin, Sweden.


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