Our Dalmatians


Freja (Frihedens Prinsesse Pallas)

Kennel Friheden
Jette og Jens Mauritzen
Gentoftevej 18 
DK-8000 Århus C 

phone: +45 86 11 71 62 
E- mail: jm@dalmatin.dk


  Freja is born in 2007.  She is Stribes daughter and Chilis great granddaughter.
  Freja's pedigree


Stribe( Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty)   Chili (Timanka's Danish Delight)   Mimi ( Haymo's Rona)

Stribe is born in 2004. She is our Chilis grandchild.   Chili we found in Norway  in 1996 after much searching.  She has had 2 litters.  

Mimi was born in 1987 and had 2 litters in her life time.

Stribe's pedigree   Chili's pedigree  

Mimi's pedigree