Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty
(MULTICH Perdita's Inside Information x Frihedens Online)

Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty.

Born : 18. 03 2004 is our lastest dalmatian. She is a granddaugther of our own Timanka's Danish Delight.

Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty is called Stribe and is born at kennel Danish Spots.


Stribe is of middle size, strong and very well build  bitch with heavy dark spots, super topline and extremely good movements.

Very charming, and no skin problems at all, only visits at the Vet. are for vaccinations.




HD-status:          A

Hre-test:           +/-

Temperament:   mental test

Show 2005: no. 7  Top-Ten list of the Year:      1 x Best Bitch 3, 3 x CK, 1 x SL,   9 x 1. pr.,  1 x 2. pr.

Show 2006: no. 7 Top-Ten list of the Year.  See details below.

                    Stribes Pedigree

Danish Spots Ena Spotted Liberty MULTICH Perdita's Inside Information T-Cart Unicus CH Elaridge Prince Rufus
CH T-Cart High Society
NCH Perdita's Key To Heaven CH Dalmo's Educated Edgar
CH Perdita's Long Live love
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NORDCH Ridotto's Zoe
Timanka's Danish Delight NORDCH T-Cart Quempas
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2006 Stribes show results


A. Ulltveit Moe, S

1. pr., 3. w, CK

17.09.06 Ballerup Claire E. Coxall, England 1. pr., 4.w.
16.09.06 Karlslunde Jelena Kruus, Estonia 1. pr.,2.w, CK
03.09.06 Silkeborg Aase Jakobsen, Norway 1. pr., 4.w., CK



Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, D 

2. pr. 



Erling Kjr Petersen, DK 

1. pr., 1.w., CK, CAC., BTK3 



Helge Werner Hagen, Norway 

1. pr., 5. w., Club show 



Joan Curtis, England, 1.w CK, BTK3



Tony Moren, Ireland, 2.w. CK, BTK4